Osu Never Sleeps

31 March 2017 0 comments

Osu is located at about 3km east of the Central Business District, Accra. The Cantonments road from Lakko road to the Danquah roundabout is popularly known as the Osu Oxford Street in its likeness to UK’s hotspot, the Oxford Street. And as many as people frequent the place, the streets’ popularity grew.

The Osu Oxford Street is one of the busiest streets in Accra, especially at night. Osu, though small, houses a lot of people from various parts of the country and the world. Osu never sleeps, from dusk to the break of dawn, there are so many activities that satisfies whatever need and reason you visit with.

There is something at Osu for everyone, regardless of your age hence, as busy as it sounds so it is. From the various shopping centers, business centers, banks, cafés, salons for your hair and beauty needs, hospitals, boutiques, local pubs and chopbars (local name for places where Ghanaian dishes are sold), restaurants and many more… for your maximum pleasure.

Do you love music, from slow jazz to the Ghanaian highlife or you like to get your dancing shoes on to groove to some hiplife or hip-hop then the place to be is Osu. Are you reserved and like to be indoors, or all out for the outdoors and roof tops, then in Osu there are loads of places you can choose from. Places like Lizzy’s, Monsoon lounge, Hemingway Bar Casino and Lounge and the attention grabbing spot with loud music Eyes Right and many more to satisfy your special need.

Where are all the food lovers, do not feel left out at all, try taking a walk from Danquah circle along the street to have a feel of variety this place offers. This street makes you hungry and practically leaves you indecisive as to what you want.

Are you looking for good food, then search no more, the streets in Osu have got it all, from every junction to intersection, on both ends of the roads or even side by side each other there is a food outlet to choose from, is it Thai food, Chinese, French dishes, Italian and our very own Ghanaian dishes. Do you love BBQ, mouthwatering burgers and sandwiches, pizza, ice creams and smoothies, salads you name it, then try places like Planet Kebab, Cedars Restaurant, Rina’s, Heritage Indian Restaurant, Smoothys, Papaye, Frankies, Tiptop Chinese Restaurants and many many more.

It is also worth mentioning that Osu has various hotels and apartments for people who would love to lodge in the center of it all such as Urbano Hotel, Central Hotel, Frankies Hotel, Blue Royal Hotel Casino Gold Hotel and many more, therefore, visiting expats do not have to worry about lodging problems.

The Oxford Street Mall stands tall right in the heart of the Oxford Street and draws a lot of attention to it. The Mall has restaurants, anchor shops, cinemas, banks, casinos etc. Some of its leading tenants include, MTN, Shoprite, and Unibank among others. The Mall also has a 24/7 underground car park and is yet to be fully completed with a 132 room hotel currently still under construction.

You cannot talk about Osu and leave out the most remarkable thing about it. What is this thing, it is the number of Kiosks along the streets where proudly made-in Ghana African wears and artifacts are showcased on sale both day and night. So regardless the time you are at Osu, if you leave without purchasing anything to serve as a return souvenir then you really were not at Osu.

When all is said and done, it begins all over again the next day. Osu never sleeps, and most definitely has something for everyone and every lifestyle. Step out today for your pleasure, leisure and relax

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